The journey of the Cohiba brand started way back in the fifteenth century, with its roots being traced to Cuba. Tobacco was known as Cohiba by the native Cuba Indian people.

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Cuban president, Fidel Castro received as a gift a hand-rolled cigars, without name, it was made with the best tobacco of Vueltabajo area


Fidel Castro, who proposed mass production of the cigars by a factory with purely women workers. The cigars were later branded “COHIBA” by Celia Sanchez, cuban heroine and Fidel's assistant

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Cohiba cigarettes were introduced for the first time


Cohiba Original was launched across Latin America, the Carribean and Russia, becoming instantly popular with smokers who value quality, history and distinction


Due to continuing popularity and demand in 2006 the brand Cohiba Cigarettes was licenced for worldwide production


Launched the Cohiba Predilecto to give smokers a balance of quality and taste

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Cohiba White was launched, as the smoothest cigarette yet


Cohiba have grown to become the world’s greatest cigars brand

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