Cuban Dark and Virginia Tobacco

Cuban dark tobacco is well-known as the best dark tobacco in the world according its strong and unique flavor.

Vueltabajo is the best cuban tobacco area,it's located in the Western territory of Pinar del Rio

Nowhere within the world grows tobacco better than Cuba. but even here, only a couple of selected Vegas plantations are judged good enough to grow the tobacco for Habanos.

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Cuban dark is the world’s best dark tobacco, especially renowned for its strong and unique flavour. The tobacco is sourced from Vueltabajo, in the western territory of Pinar del Rio, the world’s best tobacco growing region.
Although Cuba grows the best tobacco in the entire world, only the best of the best tobacco from a few chosen plantations is used in making Cohiba cigarettes. This tobacco is grown in the rich fertile soils of Vuelta Abajo in the western province of Pinar del Rio province and extends to Semi Vuelta in the north. There are other regions, however, in the larger Antilles that grow tobacco: Semi Vuelta Abajo, Partidos, Remedios and Oriente.
The Habano, the world’s best cigar, is made from leaves grown in the San Luis and San Juan regions of Vuelta Abajo. San Luis is home to Cuba’s most popular tobacco cultivator, Don Alejandro Robaina.
The plantations that produce the finest tobacco have been set aside for export production. These are mostly at Partidoin the Havana province which is south of the capital.
The conditions and the soil of Vuelta Abajo are ideal for growing and harvesting the best tobacco. The soil is rich in minerals and the temperatures average at about 25 degrees Celsius while the humidity averages at 65 degrees, making it ideal for the growth. Experts say that the secret of Vuelta Abajo’s excellent tobacco lies within its crown (the tip of the plant). Research has shown that the crowns are rich in nitrates that strengthen it, giving it a strong taste and a robust structure; all which are essential in making of a good cigar. The climate goes a long way in ensuring that these characteristic are achieved in each and every tobacco plant.